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We know how frustrating a cracked or dropped iPhone can be! We offer affordable repair services for those that have dropped their iPhone resulting in a cracked or non-operational iPhone in need of repair.

Some of the major issues that people experience with their iPhone after it has been dropped is a broken screen, cracked glass or a broken LCD screen. There are many less common issues that can occur, some of which include a broken speaker, camera or possibly a cracked case. Whatever your issue is, iPhone repair of Sacramento is here to get your mobile device back in action quickly and affordably. You can order repair services easily from our above iPhone Repair tabs.

Typically if you were to use the manufacturer or a retail repair service center, you are going to spend much more to obtain quality repair and replacement parts. Some people simply purchase a new iPhone because they believe that the cost would be too high to fix their iPhone, but with Iphone repair of Sacramento, you are able to get your iPhone repaired at a very reasonable price.

If you have multiple broken parts and are a little confused as to what services are needed to help get your iPhone back to normal, feel free to give us a call and discuss the repair options for your phone at   1-916-877-5162  . Our experienced repair team has seen almost every kind of damge possible to an iPhone and can definitely help get your phone back to it's normal operating condition.

Below is the process Iphone Repair of Sacramento uses to process your iPhone repair.

Place your order online for a specific repair service (under our iPhone Repair tab).You pay for the shipping yourself to us and FREE back to you via USPS and this ONLY applies to customers that purchased the part AND installation, not just the part, if you purchase only the part you must purchase the shipping too except. for local pick-up.

Place your iPhone in the mail according to the shipping method that you selected.

Wait for your repaired iPhone to be sent back to you in no time. Visit our FAQ for estimated repair times!

Receive your package quickly and enjoy your repaired iPhone! You can read our customer testimonials to get an idea of what people are saying about Iphone repair service's at

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